Jamstix record midi timing issue

Hi, I use Jamstix to create my drums and so have a midi track that takes its input from Jamstix ad sends its output to BFD3. When I am happy with the drums I record the midi from Jamstix and then disable Jamstix to free up resources. This has worked fine in Cubase 7 but now in 8 the timing is out. The recorded MIDI is quite a long way late. Anyone know if there is a way around this?


Do you have your timestamp settings checked in your Devices->Device Setup->MIDI Port Setup?

Another thing, disable ASIO Guard one time when you are recording the MIDI and see if it is aligned.

I am a heavy user of Jamstix also. I use it to drive SD2. I will test this.

I sounds like it happens when you record the midi output from JS. Did you try dragging and dropping the midi data from JS?


Thanks for the suggestions guys.System timestamp is set for the midi port. Not sure I can drag and drop a whole song from Jamstix?

I actually managed to get it to work by temporarily removing the BFD as output from the MIDI track just while recording the MIDI notes but that is a bit clumsy. I will test it with ASIO guard off an see what happens

Turning ASIO guard off did not change things

I just tested on my system and the midi notes were being recorded early. I turned off ASIO Guard and that seemed to have corrected the issue for me.

I also tested by turning ASIO Guard on and turning monitor on for the JS track along with the record being enabled for the recorded midi track - that seems to work also.

You can Ctrl + click the name of the song in JS and drag and drop into a midi track. I’m on the latest version, but I believe that that functionality has been included in previous versions also. If you have not named your JS song, you should be able to ctlr +click in the blank space where the name would be.

I am going to test this a bit more extensively against 7.5 as I need accurate drums (well duh!). I will let you know what I find…


This is probably the correct solution.

Agreed - this would be the way I would approach this going forward.

My experience with plugins causing issues is that contacting the developers should be the first port of call. Something that has changed in Cubase 8 means that a modification in Jamstix might be necessary. This happened to me with Bias and the guys at positive Grid had to work out what the problem was with my help - sending log files etc.

Agreed - but at this point it is looking more like it has to to do with ASIO Guard working as designed. I believe that JS is being played back at a higher latency while generating midi notes to be played by a VST that is being monitored with lower latency - causing the timing issue. Monitoring both tracks or turning off ASIO Guard seems to get the tracks in sync.


Turning off ASIO guard did not fix it for me but what you say makes total sense, there is a clash / bad interaction between the latency of BFD and Jamstix. I just remembered one other reason I got into the habbit of recording the MIDI from Jamstix was that a mixdown would cause this same issue (although it was fine in realtime) - that was back in 7 so not sure if same in 8.

Did you try the drag and drop method? That always worked for me. I found it to be more accurate and representative of what JS was producing. When I record the midi output from JS (even on older versions of Cubase), I notice slight random variations of the midi notes vs. the file that I dragged and dropped.

Yes that worked thanks, slightly worrying that it should be different that way. must admit I never noticed befiore

It is only very small random variations - I probably overthink these things.

Just a tip on the drag and drop - after you tweak / create parts you will need to play the entire song all the way through to ensure the midi file gets completely built.


Just to quantify for anybody that comes across this post - the midi “slop” or randomness that I get from recording JS Midi Output vs. Dragging & Dropping midi files from JS is in the magnitude of 1-3 msc per note. This is on MY system running at 96 samples. There may be other variables at play here and your MPG could vary and may not be an issue for you…