JamVox III with Cubase 9.5

Hello! Is anybody using JamVOX III vst plugin with Cubase 9.5 and knows if there is any trouble using it, i.e. compatibility with the plugin sentinel? I would like to upgrade my Cubase 8 LE but this plugin is for me fundamental and I would remain with the old version if it cannot be used.
I know that the plugin is 64bit and VOX on its site says that it would work with any 64bit DAW but I guess that a real test is the only true answer. I downloaded the trial version of Cubase 9.5 Elements and the outcome is quite misleading: the plugin is put in the blacklist, it cannot be reactivated, but then I find it in the list of the vst effects and it seems to work quite fine. What with the definitive version? Has anybody tried?
Thank you for all your answers.