Jan 1st: User preferences folder INITIALIZED!!!!!!

I am SO angry right now, started Cubase today and my whole Cubase setup has been re-initialized !?!!?!

User folder back to virgin state with all concequences:

  • Studio module settings gone
  • external instruments settings gone
  • all carefully crafted groove templates GONE!!!

How did this happen?
NEVER had this before anybody else had this?
Nothing else wrong with my PC only C5.

Noooooooooooooo…really? Feel your pain man.

Have you checked that’s it’s not just the mediabay not seeing your presets because something’s not ticked on?

You don’t happen to have a backup?

Yes i have a backup, but windows 7 back is not able to restore that folder without doing a full restore, which i don’t want, so got a backup of 3 days ago, but i need to secure a whole lot of other things first before even thinking of restoring that.

The folder was not gone, it was INITIALIZED (i.e. RAMpresets file 12kb instead of my 321kb etc)
I’ve spend 3 days on creating groove templates from samples adding them from parts to groove, tweaking them
that’s 2 days work GONE… (even if i restore the backup van 2 days ago.)

My biggest worry, WHY did this happen? and can it happen again?