Japan & Hawaii Based Members ok?

More devastation, hoping all our colleagues in those areas are safe and sound… Do let us know. :open_mouth:

Curteye? You with us mate?

Yup, Fingers crossed that loss of life and suffering is at a minimum whoever peeps are.

Tsunamis are hitting Santa Cruz and and San Francisco right now. Doesn’t seem to be a big deal;I’m about a mile from the coast.Also its low tide.

Relatives are calling from the East Coast asking how I am as they’re hearing of 60’ waves hitting San Francisco.

My dad woke me up too because I’m on the west coast in San Francisco for a bit and am close to the water. Freaked the living crap out of me. Hope everyone else is OK.

A good friend is Japanese and currently studying in Montreal. Her family back home had to move to higher ground,
but thankfully are ok.
Scary stuff, indeed.

Even though the experts tell us the rate of earthquakes globally is pretty normal it sure seems like they’re occuring more frequently these days. :confused:

We’re still in the thick of the aftermath of the one here a few weeks ago, I heard there was another in China a couple of days ago, and now this massive quake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. The footage I’ve seen on the news and youtube… well… :open_mouth: it’s huge…

All ono here on Maui.
I’m 4000 ft up so no worries.


Yes, and as more occur (with resulting tsunamis) then we will be sorry we did not grow more trees and cut them down.

I’m wondering what happens to those ‘islands of garbage’
that float in the Pacific Ocean when a tsunami hits them.

Waiting to see if all that stuff lands on shore.

Islands like Japan Disney?

Or the stews of plastic waste in the pacific between the US and Japan, not to mention all the rubbish that will pollute farmlands.


Are these barges you’re talking about? If so, I remember a photo taken from a small sightseeing boat
as the 2004 Indonesian tsunami was happening. The boat simply rode out the huge wave and
everyone on it was ok. I guess that’s the place to be if you’re part of one of these disasters.
I’d think the same thing would happen with a barge?

Just saw this. Wow.

Look for an American documentary called “Addicted to Plastic”.

I’m wondering if these earthquakes/tsunami’s are all part of the same underlying tectonic (sp?) plate shifting, since they’re all in roughly the same part of the planet


Is it me or is this playing backwards: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-12307698

Here’s a link that gives you before/after satellite views of the devastation


The nuc problem is potentially far worse than the tsunami, as unbelievable as that would have seemed a few days ago.

Apparently the nuclear plant survived the earthquake just fine, but the tsunami ruined the pumps that send cooling water into the reactor. Emergency measures to cool the reactors (like flooding them with seawater) were initially successful, but then the valves to let the cooling ocean water in broke. As a result, the temperatures are rising in what some people have described as an uncontrolled fashion. This is despite the 50 or so engineers and technicians that stayed behind to work when the rest of the workers were evacuated, despite potentially lethal levels of radiation there.

So now, we are possibly hours from catastrophic melt down. I’ve heard it “won’t be a Chernobyl” because there are protective structures around the cores in this plant, protective structures that Chernobyl didn’t have. I hope that’s the case, but with all the explosions that have been happening, I wonder if those protective structures themselves are at risk.

God bless the Japanese, and all of us really.