Japanese (?) symbols for fretboard/drum pads

In the lower zone, I see these symbols for the fretboard/drum pads:


Do I miss something or is it just a small bug?
Edit: the mixer and key editor symbos are wrong also …
Edit 2: this is on Windows 10

This is probably a problem with the OS’s font cache. The icons used on buttons in Dorico are actually characters in a special internal font. Operating systems often cache font characters for performance reasons, but this means that when the fonts change then the wrong glyph can be displayed.

You should find that rebooting your PC solves the issue.

Hi Richard,

after clearing the font cache and a reboot, the problem still persists.
Perhaps I have an old version of a font installed?

Then it’s probably this issue:

Another possibility is that the Dorico Icons font (DoricoIcons-Regular.ttf) has somehow been installed into C:\Windows\Fonts - if it has you can delete it.

Hi Richard,

thanks, uninstalling the font solved the problem.