Jazz articulations in Garritan JABB

I’m editing my old Garritan JABB-expression maps to make them play back falls, doits and other things that now are possible, but I have a minor problem:
I don’t understand how to make them only play on the notes with the appropriate symbol. (e.g. fall, doit etc)
What I’ve understand they should be added as add-ons in the Expression map, since they must play regardless if the the trumpet is open or muted.

So, adding a Fall as an add-on add-on with CC15=40 makes it play back correct, but how do I then kill it?
Adding CC15=0 in the Init patch has no effect. I’ve also tried creating a Playing technique with CC15=0 and place it on the next note, but then it won’t play the fall at all.

You need to add it to the ‘switch off’ actions of the fall. So:
Switch On Actions: CC15=40
Switch Off Actions: CC15=0

With the OFF-events set to CC15=0 in the Fall add-on it won’t play the fall at all. As soon as I remove the OFF-event it plays the fall.

The only thing I’ve done now is:
On-event: CC15=40
Off-event: CC15=0

Those settings are working in my sample project, but I wonder if you are running into a bug we found in 3.5 which can happen if you have an articulation on a note position that is swung. If you try turning off swing then does it play back correctly? Could you also attach a cut down project that shows the problem?

This isn’t actually a project, just a couple of bars created from scratch in 3.5, trying to complete my expression map. So, no swing involved here.
JABB.dorico.zip (362 KB)

Are there any updates on this issue yet?

Here’s a brief explanation of the problem:

  • Falls in JABB requires CC40 to sound and CC0 to stop.
  • When adding CC40 for the playback technique fall as an add-on ON-event the fall plays as expected.
  • When adding CC0 as the OFF-event on the same add-on the fall doesn’t play at all. (regardless of swing or no swing)

I believe the problem with on events and off events both being played at the start of the note will be resolved in the forthcoming 3.5.10 update.

Ahaa, good to know. Then I’ll wait for that before trying to make it work. :+1::+1:


Today I gave this another try with the same settings as before, ie:
On-event: CC15=40
Off-event: CC15=0

Unfortunately the same problem still remains:
When adding the on/off events as mentioned above it doesn’t play the playing technique.
Adding only the on-event the playing technique plays correctly but it won’t get terminated.

My Dorico version is (Windows)

@dspreadbury, Today I tried this on my new MacBook Pro (Big Sur) and it works perfect., but I still can’t get it to work on my Windows computer.

I opened the file you posted last May. You have Playback Options/Timing/Note Durations/Default notes set to 100%. I’m guessing JABB doesn’t think there’s time for a fall or something, because when I change that to 95% your file plays back correctly with the fall.

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@FredGUnn, ahaaaaa, I’ll look at that when I get back to my studio later this week. Thanks for looking into this! :slight_smile:


I think it might be related to this bug I found. Setting 100% note duration doesn’t sort the on and off events properly when events are on the same tick. (I’m also on Windows.) Perhaps this extends to playback technique keyswitches, too?

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Thanks @JesterMusician & @FredGUnn, finally it works!
Setting the default note value to 95% on the Mac and 94% on my PC.

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