Jazz articulations popover PDF

Dear developers, do you have a popover PDF for 2019? The one from November doesn’t include all the possibilities… i.e. what messages do I need to type to get the different types (bend short, medium, wavy, straight, etc.).

Much obliged!

In case you aren’t aware of it, page 12 of the Version History details these:


Hi Pianoleo, yes thank you I had looked at it but it doesn’t say if there’s a popover for the different types, as in: wavy, straight, long,etc.

For example just the plops:

Plop default: plop
Plop medium: ?
Plop long: ?
Plop Smooth (straight): ?
Plop Smooth Wavy: plopsmooth

I understand that you can set the defaults in Engraving Options, but I prefer to use them all depending on context. I’ve tried multiple combinations (plopsmoothstraight, plopsmooth straight, plop straight, plopstraightsmooth) to no avail… Perhaps this is not available yet, that’s why I hope the devs chip in.

The list in the Version History is comprehensive. You can only create a curved or “smooth” line, but not the different lengths of the curved line, via the popover.

Thanks Daniel, hopefully this will be added to future iterations…

Be well!