Jazz blues song with female vocal: "Lady's Lament"

A collaboration with some very talented people in my life. A slow minor jazz blues.

Nice. Love the guitar,great feel.

great track…nice guitar work just a little “scalesy” in places, singer has a lovely voice but maybe needs to smoke a few fags before singing a blues number…she would sound great singing Moonlight Shadow I reckon…Kevin

Thanks! Elaine is quite a talented singer. She nails Linda Ronstadt songs when we go out to sing karaoke.

Good tune and recording, but the singer, although definitely talented, is not quite right for the style… a bit like Jennifer Warnes attempting “Weepin’ Willow Blues” :laughing:

Good blues mood with some jazz chops stringing it together. I don’t think Elaine sounded bad at all. May not have the blues roughage the commenters were looking for but she played the part. Keep 'em coming. :slight_smile:

I felt the singer was good for the song in terms of a credible interpretation of blues as it is today. Guitar tone is great, just sounded like years of education ,practice needed to be shed in a few spots. Great chops in any case

Nice! Bet it was fun to be in the room when that was recorded. Nice playing there.

Well done, some upright piano and real B3 and you’ll have it right lol. Singer is good, beautiful style sorta like Grace Slick not Celinda Pink.