Jazz Drum Set with Slashes and Cue Notes - unwanted offset

A picture says more than words:

The slash-“instrument” in the percussion kit is set to “downstem”, therefore the note below the system in the first bar is slightly shifted to the right by Dorico. When I change the slash-instrument in the kit to upstem the lower note aligns with the slash, but the note above now gets shifted.

BUT: In this Discover Dorico Video at 8:45 John Barron does exactly as I do and his notes are not being shifted. Why is that?

Another question:

Is there a possibility to remove the rests in the first bar above and below the system, and in the third bar all rests except the eighth note rest on beat 4? I tried to select the bar and apply edit->remove rests, and to select a note or rest and set the “begins voice / ends voice” property - none of which did work.
Jazzdrums.dorico.zip (563 KB)

This seems to crop up about once a week.

For instance, here is the most recent time I wrote about it, on the 19th, and here is a post from Daniel from five days earlier.

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As to the initial question, it’s possibly to do with the fact that you have multiple instruments attached to each of those stave positions, but I don’t have time to look into it just now. You can always override it by setting the Voice Column Index of all the notes to 0, from the properties panel in Engrave mode.