Jazz drums


I tried to make a drum part for Bigband music. I did look in the forum and watch the hangout video about jazzdrum, but I still have problems to get it right.
I have made “drum dorico” and it should look more like example “Jazz drum 1”.

  1. The slur on the Hihat, is that possible in Dorico (I used now Doit Smooth), I tried the slur but that takes too long to get it right. (maybe a new jazz ornament?)
  2. I did read that it is not possible to delete the rest in percussion and what to do with the fermata on that rest. How to delete the fermata?
    Jazz drum 1.JPG

I suggest you use a laissez vibrer tie, rather than a slur. For the fermata, select the fermata and you should be able to set ‘Max. fermatas per staff’ to 1 in the Properties panel.