Jazz Fusion Mix Check: Issah Contractor - One Foot In

Check out this recording and mix of a jazz fusion track we did for a very talented fellow named Issah Contractor.

Used two Tonelux EQ5P’s and two ToneLux TX5C’s and an Elysia Xpressor all over the track. I used two AEA RPQ 500 as line boost/attenuators after my chains sometimes also using the High-Freq curve shaper or LF filter to add some final shimmer or low/mid removal. Plug-in EQs and Compressors used were mostly Eiosis AirEQ, Steinberg/Yamaha Neve Portico Plugins, and Elysia Mpressor (plugin). All the hardware is new in our setup so still learning it.


Terribly cool! Couldn’t see the sax player’s head, was he hiding? Whatever the plugins, the mix sounded fantastic!

Yes, fantastic piece and playing and mix :slight_smile:
Thorougly enjoyed that!

Pro stuff, cool playing and no nits from me :smiley:

Thanks! Just nonchalant camera placement.

Mix is superb, but the playing is absolutely wonderful - fancy being able to play bass and drums like that. Camera placement is hilarious - you even got Issah’s head into the headless sax player’s shot. Has Brent Mah got a face for radio? Great music.


I am trying to figure out the modal characteristics of this – at one moment sounds Dorian, then Lydian, then Mix, then…

Anyway, wonderful piece – nice to know SOMEBODY besides Kamasi Washington (or Evan Parker) is still around pushing the genre in new directions :sunglasses:

Excellent, “headless” and all.