Jazz grooves in Groove Agent?

Hello all,

I’m trying out Groove Agent in Dorico 5 and don’t find any Jazz (or Latin) patterns at all. Am I doing something wrong? If not, is there a source for such patterns that would work with Groove Agent?


There are test versions for “Simon Phillips Jazz and Studio Drums” at Steinberg


It’s worth keeping an eye on the sales and offers. I recently upgraded from GA SE to the full GA as it included three jazz expansion packs for free (Jazz Essentials, Modern Jazz Essentials and Simon Philips Jazz Drums). Good news that Jazz Essentials might be included with Dorico though.

Thanks for the information. I’ll have a look at it.

That would be most welcome for man users, I think.

FWIW, I just bought the D5 upgrade, and the Jazz Essentials show up in my Download Manager!!



Yup. Hurrah!

Thanks for this information, I downloaded the files.

Here’s a bit of silliness with one of the Jazz beats.

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And this is my own drum notes, rather than a pattern, using GA’s Jazz kit. Prolly needs to swing a bit more.


Great tune! Obviously everyone associates it with Nina Simone, but it’s actually a Billy Taylor composition. Is that just notation, or did you input it with MIDI pads?

Just notation. I’m actually tempted to get some hardware with pads. Though I haven’t tried messing with the on-screen drum pads yet.

Billy Taylor’s original was for many years the theme music to a late night TV show reviewing movies in the UK.

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I’ve been looking into this too. Something else to clutter up my desk, LOL.

I already have a MIDI keyboard (with only 2 knobs), so I was thinking of a dedicated pads and knobs box, such as Akai’s LPD8.

My main MIDI keyboard at home is a Nord Piano 4 so no MIDI knobs or pads at all. I was looking at the 4x4 Akai’s or maybe Maschine Mikro, something like that. Does anyone have any other suggestions?

A word of warning with Akai products for Mac: I went to their website, and discovered that the latest software for many of their controllers is still 32-bit Intel – which means it won’t run on any Mac running the last 4 OS versions…!

You need the software to assign the controllers with MIDI CCs etc.

I hate buying hardware and then discovering that the drivers or other software won’t work, rendering your hardware useless.