Jazz Libraries

Here is a piece of mine using NP (SO). The drums were imported from a Band-in-a Box file I created and the flugelhorn is from Chris Hein horns. It makes for a decent sound, I think. The Chris Hein libraries take some ‘tweaking’, but I like the flugelhorn sound. All the other sounds are NP.


“Band-in-a-Box”… Now there’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time! I was pleasantly surprised to look it up and see it’s still being updated… Despite it being the same interface as always (which I never really liked to be honest). But hey, glad to know it’s still a thing, and I can see it being useful to quickly generate a rhythm section part (which for me is the most tedious part of the process).

And yes, the sound is good. I find that jazz libraries tend to be way less explored than they should, which is odd. Being able to create a convincing big-band mockup would be a godsend (despite there being a handful of libraries for this already, they always fall short on something). I wonder what this would sound like if you plugged it into Native Instruments Session Horns (I don’t remember if it has flugel). It sounds great for most applications.

Band-in-a-Box is a good tool for creating drums, bass and piano comps. Lots of styles available. Jazz libraries that are useful for notation software may not appear until vendors see a big enough market for them. ProjectSAM’s Swing! and Swing More! libraries, for example sound quite good, but are only useable in DAW applications. Some day…:crossed_fingers:

ProjectSam have recently been updating their libraries with (among other things) a fresh approach to articulations. They haven’t yet updated the Swing series but if they do, it’ll make them more useful within Dorico. I hope so as I’ve always felt they were excellent libraries.

As an example, these are some of the changes they made to the Symphobia series…

Big BIAB fan myself. Yes the U.I. is a bit dated but they did give you the option several versions back to toggle to either the “classic” or clean interface. I have been using it for so long I just use the old clutterd interface (lol). The real styles are very good and quite realistic. Highly recommended!

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