"Jazz" Ornaments - Falls, Gliss...


Writing a chart that needs Big Band style falls. Can’t seem to find the right Ornament that works.

4/4 time, I want to notate a fall from a quarter note on beat 2 followed by two beats and then 3 bars of rest. I want to indicate a pretty quick fall that only lasts through the next beat, but when using Glissandi, Dorico wants to extend the fall to the next note in the score which is 3 bars later.

Any insights or tips are appreciated!


Unfortunately there’s not really a good workaround for the lack of proper jazz articulations at the moment.

The only thing I can really suggest would be to put it in using Shift+X text items. Change the font to Bravura or Bravura Text and paste in this character:

If you want one of a different length, try pasting a different symbol from here.

Thanks for the link, Daniel. That’s a very handy reference. I’m still finding it impossible to enter the right glyphs into the text items popup, though. I generally access glyphs using a utility called PopChar but I can’t get it to work in Dorico. Is there another method for glyphs without key equivalents?

You can’t use PopChar, I’m afraid, or the built-in macOS equivalent (which these days goes by the name Emoji & Symbols in the input menu). We hope to make this possible in due course. For the time being, you have to use copy and paste.

Thanks Daniel! That will work for me for this project. I used another longer fall character from the SMUFL link above and found that by placing it on the beat after the note, and then right justifying it, I could then get the placement I wanted by playing with the baseline shift (for vertical alignment with notes), and then playing with the word spacing and font stretch for horizontal control, I could get what was “good enough” for now.

I am getting faster at this and appreciate how fast it is to add so many articulations, slurs, etc…