Jazz Sample Music XML for Dorico 2.2

Hi there,

I’m trying if I find a jazz example to see how Dorico handles articulations. I was watching Dorico 2.2 tutorial mentioning those added articulation but it is good to hear it in real time. I’m using Note Performer. I am hoping someone can post me a link I can download some musicXML examples to find out how well it does the job. Primarily interested in how swing is being handled, and also note shifting a tone or semitone upward or downward (bend or scoop) and plop and lift that takes place normally in brass or glissando in trombone, etc. Something simple like a rhythm section with a solo woodwind or brass would suffice this evaluation. I play saxophone so I like to see how easy it is to notate some ideas and fine tune solo potentials.

Thanks a lot.

Jazz articulations have no effect in playback at the moment, though we hope we’ll be able to support this in a future version.

Not even if I use Note Performer? I didn’t know this! I was really working hard to find out the advantages of Sibelius over Dorico but unfortunately I was never able to get a clear answer because everyone I came across locally or in the web they didn’t know both platforms thoroughly. Creating realistic jazz quartets was my primary reason I bought Dorico. It is really sad to hear this, and of course there is no way of going back. Dealer already told me that there is no refund on software purchase.

Sorry. Two small observations:

  1. You can ask any of this stuff on the forum, which it sounds like you discovered after the fact.
  2. Based on the meteoric development pace, I’m sure you don’t have long to wait. Dorico in March of 2018 was absolutely no comparison to Dorico now. Sit tight and jazz articulation playback will doubtless be here soon.

If you look in the NotePerformer users guide (https://www.noteperformer.com/media/NotePerformer%20-%20Users%20Guide.pdf) they clearly say that playback of jazz articulations is not yet supported.

I switched from Sibelius (user since 2012) to Dorico back in August. I do find Dorico a marked improvement over Sibelius in terms of how fast it is to get well engraved results, so if you can see past any minor playback deficiencies for now, I think you’ll find it a worthwhile move nevertheless.

Thanks for the info. Oh well, I should have looked at it before I purchased. I contacted Note Performer and they didn’t mention it. They just said Dorico 2.2.1 has a lot of those missing articulations addressed but still they are a few outstanding that will come in future versions. I was just checking to see if there is a comparison of notation software with emphasis on jazz articulation playback. I found a document that mentioned the only app that does it is Notion (Presonus). I was just checking the demo of the jazz bundle. At some point I noticed the fall articulation of a brass section but most of the sounds were very artificial and thin. I was wondering if anyone had a comparison between Notion and Dorico to have a better idea. Thanks.

I think Notion is mostly targeted at the hobbyist market. Everyone I know who tried Notion moved off of it due to lack of formatting controls. I found the same thing the one time I tried it several years ago - you are stuck with the formatting that it produces. I’m sure it’s not bad for playback, but I would never want to give Notion parts to performers.

Thanks for the tip about Notion. :+1:t3:

Meanwhile if you are aware of any site offering musicXML material for jazz rhythm section (bass, drum, piano) of various songs, I appreciate if you let me know.
Eventually I like to make my own rhythm sections but for now it’s a good warm up to get familiar with things can be done and expressions that actually plays out in the playback.
Thank you.