jazz techniques: next to note?


I am trying to use the “edit playing technique” to create playing techniques for jazz techniques like falls and doits. Is it possible to define the offset to make the technique appear next to the note head?
I know I can always change the location in Engrave mode afterwards, but it would be nice to have a correct default (and not have to update the location in engrave mode for both parts and scores).

Kind regards,
Jeroen van Veldhuizen

Not yet. Using Playing Techniques is a workaround, and if it were easy to set a scoop to always go next to the notehead (and avoid colliding with other scoops attached to notes in the same chord) then the developers would probably have implemented it natively by now…

You can copy/paste it with the note which does at least speed some up.

Hmm… I was about to suggest that you create a duplicate PT in the editor and adjust the default position of the duplicate there. But I tried it, and I see it doesn’t position it according to the X and Y axis changes you set in the editor.

Unless I’m doing something wrong? Seems like the default placement should reflect exactly where you created it on the PT editor graph. I can see it’s offset in the right-hand panel, but when I position it, it doesn’t reflect that shift.

Playing techniques will always be positioned outside the staff, above or below as determined by the default placement. It is not possible to create a playing technique that will be positioned relative to a notehead.

Daniel, is support for falls etc coming? Will it therefore not be a playing technique but something else (more like a gliss?)?

Yes, support for jazz articulations is coming. They will be created via the Shift+O popover, like glissando lines.


Thanks Daniel!

’S wonderful, ’s marvelous, that you should care for … jazz articulations. :smiley: