Jazz Tempo indications??

To my surprise I have searched in vain for Jazz tempo indications in Dorico 2 Pro.
Are they hidden somewhere or just not available…yet???

So what? You can type whatever you like in!

Such as: slow, medium slow, swing, medium swing, medium, medium fast, up tempo.

Again, does it really matter? You can type what you like into the Tempo popover.

(edit: for the record, I edited post #2 after the fact)

Nice animation and true I can type whatever I like, but why loads of classical tempo indications and non for other genres?

By the same token, why do we only have Italian tempo markings, despite the fact that there’s an Engraving Options > Language > Tempo Objects Language setting?

Answer: Because this area of the software isn’t complete.


Why do we have any predefined tempo markings at all? It’s quicker to type them than search through a huge list that isn’t even in alphabetical order, where you have to mess about with a slider control and guess what MM marking somebody else thought the words ought to signify.

On a “usefulness” scale of 1 to 10, most of that dialog scores 0 IMO - throw away everything except “tap tempo” (and arguably that belongs in Play mode, not where it is.)

@ Pianoleo

Ah, that’s it. It’s an “under construction” topic I hit, clearly.

Off Topic: Your signature is confusing… are or aren’t you using Sibelius?

Well, you have a point there. It slows down the work-speed.

As infrequently as possible. If old work in .sib format comes my way for minor corrections, I grit my teeth and work in Sibelius.

when I first started using dorico, I thought those tempo marking associations were fixed… ie, andante had to be 80 (which is not the case).
so I also think that menu could use some reworking.