Jazz Trio Recorded at 32 Bit - 88.2 Khz

Hi to all,
here is a HD Youtube Video of a Jazz recording session in my studio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxqcPmchygQ
made with Cubase Pro 9, recorded at 32 Bit 88.2 Khz, using a Focusrite Isa 828 and Rme Fireface 802. Akg 414 XL 2 on the Voice, a nt5 rode matched pair (xy configuration) on the piano and an Akg c 214 on the Double Bass.
In the video you can listen to the rough mix if you want listen to the final master approved by the artis go here https://soundcloud.com/magicboxstudio/valentina-ranalli-io-so-che-ti-amero/s-MfKLo
For the Mix and Mastering i have used Plugin from Universal Audio, Waves, Fabfilter, DmgAudio, Tdr. I can post screenshots of the project if someone is interested in.
any feedback will be appreciated

What a wonderful recording. I really liked the vocal treatment and the ambience given to the instruments.
The “dry” track (video) was a little too warm for my ears, but that final mix was superb…photographer
noise and all!


Thanks Pearldrivers,
i have used the PCM Native Reverb Plug-in, as you can see in the image attached here :slight_smile:

great song

Yes, to second Jet, the final mix really made a difference! Voice much more up front, for example. Either way, wonderful track, great performances!

Thanks Tex

Thank you Early21

Great song, sounds very good! Love it!

Very nice piano solo!