Jazz Trio Recording whith Cubase

Hi to all, i would like to know your thoughts about my work, recording mixing and mastering a jazz trio album with Cubase 6 in my own studio. Here the link to the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bjNvzzBGf0



That started my morning off nicely! :smiley:


Great studio… and job recording too!

I was listening with headphones on and in my opinion it was (dare I say) a little “too defined”. Perhaps a very slight convolution on the master buss to give it more of a “live” feel? Again, just my $0.02. Either way, great stuff!


This is a really good sound and great musicians!"


Thanks for sharing.


Really enjoyed Listening and Seeing this Jazz Trio and studio. Well done by all. Sounds live with rich tones on this end. Thank you for sharing.


The elevator I was in broke down while this was playing.

Thumbs up from this end !

That was a very exciting tour

Thank you
Glyn powell

That was great, I’ve never listened to so much jazz in 1 go :wink:
Great playing as well!