Jazz Trio Recording

Hi to all,
here is a video of a Jazz Trio Recording made in my studio with Cubase 7 and Steinberg Ur 824!

Hi Franco,

I like this!
Great playing and production.


Thank You, wim! :smiley:

This is wonderful, great playing and arrangement!

Very nice; reminiscent of Brad Mehldau.

I really liked it. When they started into Oh Susannah, I had to turn it down because the bass was too much (it could very well be my room though! I KNOW I have a problem with B1 in my current configuration.)
The video production was also really great to watch.
Very good.

Way to clever for me…oh to be able to play like this…Kevin

Enjoyed this very much so! Mix was pretty much perfect to me and the video was cool too :slight_smile:

Thank you all for yours feedback!

Very good! The best part is the video, which is very entertaining :sunglasses:

Sorry only only saw this today, this is my kind of stuff. Terrific , great production. And the video…it puts you in the center of it all…I might slightly, very slightly … agree on the boomy bass but I love feeling it in a jazz production. I think this is really an excellent display of recording and musical talent

Great great job!