Folks… Has anyone auditioned the JBL M2 Reference Monitor? I have not been able to find any reviews and they are not available in my region for a demo. I guess if I’m serious about them I’ll have to book a ticket but in advance I am just curious about initial impressions from other people.



They look pretty darn awesome! For more info, I’d recommend you go to www.soundonsound.com and check out the appropriate vid in the SOS TV section.

Good luck.

Direct link for lazy people:

Thanks folks… I believe I have seen all the videos and visited the forums relating to the M2 so what I am really looking for is Cubase/Nuendo people who have actually heard them. Most postings/videos are from Winter NAMM 2013 and are press releases or promos.



Come on now; no spoon-feeding. :stuck_out_tongue:

Impressive to say the least!

Wonder what they sound like at lower spl levels.

Great question… I find the 4430s are fairly linear across the dynamic spectrum and, although this is a guess, given that the M2 architecture is not altogether different from the 4430 (two-way/bi-radial horn/15” bass driver w/ high crossover point) they may have similar characteristics. That being said, its hard to know without actually hearing them.