JBL MSC-1 monitor controller software grrrrr...

I use the JBL MSC-1 monitor controller and it works just fine, but the Room Correction and EQ Controller software is HORRIBLE. The GUI is awful, with parts of the screen obscured/missing and the room correction procedure drives me nuts, as I’ve never yet got it to work and IT WON’T UNINSTALL properly. It comes under the auspices of JBL Proferssional! I don’t think so JBL, and your technical help SUCKS with your man admitting he knew about the issues but nothing would be done about them.

I’m glad it’s okay as a (very overpriced) monitor controller but I bought it for the room correction facility, which doesn’t work! :imp: :imp: :imp:

Anyone else had a problem with this? I’d be very grateful to hear from someone who had cracked this one, but if JBL’s support staff can’t help I don’t hold out much hope! :frowning:

Room correction via software doesn’t work anyway. Just treat your room properly.


I have the JBL msc-1 and have never been able to use the setup program in windows 7 x64.

I have a dual boot 32 bit windows xp that installs the program flawlessly.

Once you have the controller programmed it retains the Room correction settings. The only time I plug the msc1 into the computer is to redo the rmc settings.

Indeed! But sometimes the room itself is so horrible, your final option after all treatment is to do some correction with EQing. But then I would recommend an old school approach: pink noise generator, a measurement microphone (almost any omni SDC would be good enough if real measurement mic is not available), spectrum analyzer and a good hardware graphic EQ.

Thanks guys but I have now moved into an area which is properly treated, I know that room correction software is of limited use but my question wasdn’t about that. dcspears - I never got it working in XP 32 either - when I really needed at least some equalisation to reduce bass.

How can a so-called professional outfit like JBL release such rubbish? There’s a nice option to feed bass bins and high-pass the main monitors which I can’t use. I repeat - grrrrr :imp:

In case this might help someone else - I followed the uninstall instructions then did a “Find” in Registry Edit for “JBL” then “MSC” being careful not to delete references to the installation files etc., rebooted, did a factory reset on the MSC-1 controller, then installed the controller software from the original CD. Reboot. Downloaded the latest MSC1 version 1.3.3_112910 from the JBLPro site. I extracted the files, went to the MSC1 Installer folder, double-clicked on MonitorSystemController1.msi and everything works.

What a kerfuffle as my old grandad used to say. :frowning:

I want to bump this because of the useless JBL technical support for the MSC-1.

Maybe I’ll be a nuisance.

Google will lead folks here. :imp: