jBridge 1.75 and Waves

I’ve installed the demo version of jBridge 1.75 and it seems to work well some of my 32 bit plugins, but I’m having trouble with Waves V8. It recognizes the Waves, but doesn’t remember any settings? Doesn’t matter if I’m loading up an old project or starting a brand new one. Whenever I load it back up, Waves plugin settings are reset.

Anyone else experience this? I wondered if it’s because I’m using the demo version and that somehow it can’t save settings, but the fact is, my non-Waves plugins are working fine.


This is one of those times that updating to waves V9 might be best since they are 64 bit.
If you dont want that, use shell2vst
to create individual waves plugin and bridge those. That might work. Just drop the wavesshell on the shell2vst program and it will create a folder with the dll’s. Then bridge them.

Thanks for the reply vinark. jBridge actually wouldn’t recognize my Waves as plugins and I found the shell2vst program a few days ago. jBridge was then able to see the plugs and convert them to 64bit. Cubase recognized them, but unfortunately, they’re always reset to default every time I revisit a project.

If I can’t get it to work I may just stick with CBP 8.5 since it’s working smooth as a 32bit program. It’ll cost $300US for me to upgrade my Waves Platinum WUP which is actually $400 converted to Canadian. A lot of money to update plugins that are essentially the same as what I already use.

Although oddly enough, I’m thinking of spending even more money and upgrading to Horizon which is only $500 (670 Canadian) right now. You can actually buy Horizon cheaper than Platinum right now.