jBridge error message

Since removing jBridge I get the following launch message in Cubase 8 pro (latest version)

“Jbridge unable to locate proxy DLL” - how do I get rid of this if you please?

Jbridge user here. I guess there are some leftover converted plugin dll’s somewhere. It is normal they are not automaticly uninstalled. You can just delete them if you remember where you put them.


And if you don’t remember where you put them? I’ve tried unistalling the plugins affected but same issue upon new install. Do I have to manually remove all .dll related to those plugins?

yes, but they must be in a folder that cubase scans, otherwise you would not get an error message. That limits the search :slight_smile:

Did you ever find out how to stop the error messages? I’m going through the same thing as you what I did wrong was uninstalled it from windows programs and apps not from jBridge uninstaller.I deleted what leftover files I could find…still getting proxy dill. message…

A clean install of Cubase Pro 10 fixed the issue which is strange considering I only did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro/Cubase Pro 10 over the new year! Whatever!

I also navigated to Users/User Name/App Data/Roaming/Steinberg and deleted the Cubase Pro 10 folder before doing the clean install of Cubase Pro 10 if it helps.

:smiley: 500gb

Uninstalling jBridge without using it’s own uninstaller is probably what leaves the files behind. I uninstalled it with the windows10 apps and programs uninstaller…I got in touch with the creators of jBridge and they told me that all 4kb duplicate files(dll) are a product of jBridge…just search whatever folder or drives you think they exist in and search for 4kb dll files, because 4kb dll files are what jBridge creates…these duplicates are what is causing the error messages…another way to do it is when you choose a plugin and the error message shows up, search for that plugin in your folders and delete the copied 4kb file.