jBridge files and VSTbridge files are blacklisted after 10.5.12 ???

I just updated to Cubase 10.5.12 and jBridge files and VSTbridge files go directly to jail, without passing GO now ??? :open_mouth:
All I have left is plugins from Steinberg and IK Multimedia plus about half(?) of Native Instruments and a few others.
The rest is just G O N E !!!
It worked now last Thursday, but on Saturday it was gone.
The only other thing I’ve done than just used Cubase is I updated on Friday evening I think.

I’ve ruined this day trying any sane or insane thing I could think of.
Anyone else having issues with this?

My jbridged files works just fine, but I just installed W10 again and straight to C10.5.12 and bridged after that.
Maybe remove them and jbridge all of them again, it´s fast process, if you have separate 32bit folder

yeah, everything is as separate as it can be, it’s fast … but it doesn’t help, and I think I’ve tried doing all of the combinations a few times already.
I installed Cubase 10.0 … same same!

At the very start of 2020 I reinstalled win10 for other reasons, thanks Microsoft for your bloated oversized operative system,
so I haven’t really installed EVERYTHING yet and the process is still fresh in my head.
If everything worked in this computer a few days ago and if it works for you … I guess the universe is pointing finger at me as the only human at the place and time of the crime.

I might as well … * sigh *… reinstall all of it again haha! :unamused: :imp: :laughing:

Oh well
thanks for your time