Jbridge for everything?

Hi Guys

Just got my new machine built up, I7 quad @3.6, 16gigs ram Win 7 64bit, ssd drives, etc very F’n cool
So spent the night installing what 64 bit plugs I have, installed the 32bit versions where no 64 bit exist at took her for a test run. And had a few lock ups involving some 32bit vsts.

Seemed a few favourite vsts couldn’t be bridged by VST bridge so I bought Jbridge this morning to get back my beloved glitch and stutterer vsts back. Works perfectly!

So a question for those of you who have been through all this and yes I 've searched the forum and googled, but I am requesting an up to date opinion from those who have had more experience with this than me.

Should I Jbridge everything? or just the problem plugs. Is the built in vst bridge reliable or is Jbridge less likely to crash?

Thanks in advance

My experience. JBridge is more stable than the Cubase bridge. Cubase crashes constantly with it’s own bridge for me. Too bad Steinberg haven’t figured this out, while a less established 3rd party programmer has essentially nailed it. Reaper and other hosts too. Reaper’s bridging is rock solid, with bridged rewire to boot.

I just JBridge everything that’s 32 bit that I don’t have a 64 bit equivalent of. I see nothing wrong with just JBridging what you think you need to, but IMO would be very time consuming compared to just JBridging everything.

Thanks fizbin

I suspected as much from just a few minutes with VST bridge. I’m gonna just move all my plugins through Jbridge and be done with it.

Much appreciated