JBridge GA3 to Cubase6.5 64 bit issues

Hi All
reading the forum it seems some of you are managing to get GA3 working in 64bit despite Steinbergs shameful lack of support for their own product :blush: . I have had no success despite following the advice here so far, though other 3rd party plug-ins have JBridged well.
Can anyone write a ‘walk-through’ of their successful approach to save some of the rest of us lost days?
Sorry to say Steinberg have lost credibility here- tech support said “Oh, nobody here uses GA3 anymore”!

thanks all, joe

I bought jBridge several months ago but I installed it for the first time over the weekend. I bought it specifically to be able to use GA3 in an otherwise wholly 64 bit Cubase 6.5 environment.

I just did what jBridge toldme to do: I installed it, and then opended the jBridger application. I pointed it at the directory where I had the GA3 .dll and jBridge did the rest.

jBridge gives the user the option of confirming each and every .dll file that jBridge finds, or you can let it work automatically. I chose to confirm everything. This was a bit tedious (I didn’t realise just how many .dlls build up[ on your system) but gave me the result of having just one jBridged .dll.