Jbridge incorrect information in 9.01 update pdf

Hiya, in the latest pdf before it suggest jbridge is not available on windows for cubase 9 but this is incorrect as it works fine.
The only issue that exists is the new sentinel scanner times out when the administration warning window of jbridge pops up.
So users can either click ok each time pops up or simples put all their jbridged vsts in one dir, add the dir to vst paths in cubase then close and restart cubase 9 as administrator.
This will scan the jbridged plugins with no warning message popups.

Now just close cubase 9 and start normal (non administrator) and all should be fine.

I’ve asked Joao who makes jbridge if he could add an option to turn off the warning, that would be the simplest fix all round.
After all now Cubase is only 64bit plugins Jbridge will be needed more than ever.

Jbridge is here:


maybe the wording is not really clear, I posted about that point in another thread:

The issue with jBridge is listed under ‘Compatibility’ here > http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Cubase_Pro_9_and_Cubase_Artist_9/9.0.1/Cubase_9.0.1_Version_History.pdf > - in short, bridged plugs are unavailable if not running Cubase, jBridge and and the relative components in admin mode. But admin mode is not recommended, so it is listed as an unresolved compatibility issue.

I confirm jBridge works - a user posted that he received a version which does not require running as admin.

Moving this to Miscellaneous - it is possible that this will still be considered an unresolved compatibility, as bridging is not supported. Thanks for the post!

I’m just getting a beta version which has the admin warnings turned off.
Soon as it’s released I’ll post link so it can be resolved.

For anyone happy using beta versions the jbridge beta is here:

Oh it’s going to be a struggle to get my plugins working. Thanks for the info about jBridge, however.