jBridge *is* working with Cubase 9 (edited)

ah ok, I thought there is a problem with the 64 bit.

Is there any reason one would NOT wish to run Cubase in administrator mode?

Just got ‘beta’ version of jBridge (1.75). Fixed the problem(s) for me. Woo hoo! No need to run Cubase in Admin Mode either.

Anybody here using Powercore plugins with the lastest jbridge in Cubase 9?

Just installed Jbridge 1.75 (not the beta) and I can see now Virtual Guitarist;
But I lost the view of the styles, so I cannot load any guitar style;
Does anyone know about this problem? And do I solve it?

Yes. All my PowerCore plug-ins work fine bridged with Jbridge, including the Access Virus synth.

Do you know where those presets are located? Maybe you have to copy them from the source (i.e. 32bit) folder to the destination in same hierarchy. I had to do it with a plugin once I don’t remember because I haven’t such a thing in my actual tool box. Sadly I do not know VG.

J-Bridge (latest release) on Mac completely toasted my system. I still can’t run Wavelab. Since installing J-Bridge half my plugins are missing there. I was able to get Cubase 9 working again after instructions from J-Bridge developer (nice guy genuinely) to completely remove J-Bridge. I used it previously on a PC and it was issue free and great. But not on my Mac. The experience made me so nervous Im sure I will never try to use it again. I thought I would have to reinstall my entire setup, that’s how much it screwed up my normally trouble free setup. After remove WaveLab instructions from Steinberg tech, still half plugins gone. Cubase 9, 8.5, Nuendo all fine.

Use 1.75 - all running. If you got problems with specific vstis - contact joao. He will give you hints to use the parameters. There should be a “joao help fund” where we can spend some “help”

You wrote:Is there any reason one would NOT wish to run Cubase in administrator mode?

Networking becomes a bit of a hassle. To access network drives You must run “Explorer” in elevated mode or you cannot see the network drives in any application (Cubase) not running with elevated privileges. Explorer does not automatically run in elevated mode.

The Long of it, if you are using 2 or more computers say with Vienna ensemble, you will have to boot, then kill and restart the explorer process in elevated mode. Then remount the network drives, in order for the drives to appear in Cubase. Cubase must also be running in elevated mode (with administrator privileges)
It is a lot less hassle to run explorer as it is upon boot (No administrator privileges) and run cubase not in elevated mode as well and still have all network drives appear in Media bay
Sorry, probably as clear as mudd! Hope this helps

Couple questions for jBridge users

1: how does reloading old 32 bit projects work regarding loading of same settings used? because loading it with same settings vs loading and having to redo all settings are completely different things

2: do you run into the ‘plugin container’ crash issue? (mostly on larger projects)


Anybody have Virtual Guitarist running in 9.5?

Oh no - massive fail! I installed Jbridge and now not only does it crash on opening C9 but C8.5 too! It ran for a while (a few hours) but then cascading errors forced me to end task. I have since uninstalled JBridge using the uninstaller, but now the problems are far worse.

It brings up an error on starting Cubase “unable to locate proxy dll” over and over.

Also, on searching for any remaining files for JBridge on my system there are files that I can’t seem to delete- it says "need permission from system administrator.

I have also reinstalled Cubase (and restarted) to no avail.

Any help massively appreciated, I have lots of projects to work on!


Joao at JBridge is really helpful. He will know more about file locations and system errors than anyone.


Better late than never: The reason why Virtual Guitarist cannot “see” your guitar styles is because the Path.ini file was most likely not transferred to your the new locations which contains the bridged files. All you need to do, is go into your “Program Files (x86)\vstPlugins\Virtual Guitarist” Folder and copy the Path.ini file into the folder location which contains the bridged version of your VSTs (the one created by Jbridge). By default, Jbridge only converts and creates bridged versions of the DLL files, it does not touch or copy any adjacent or connected files. Copying these over to your new folder is something you will need to do yourself. The Patch.ini files will tell virtual guitarist where it’s style and sample files are located. This is also useful, if you want to change the folder name or location of the virtual guitarist’s sample files at a later date. In which case you simply enter the new path and file location into your ini file and your ready to rock!


Short Update: I was able to get both Virtual Guitarist and Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition working in Cubase 9.5 with Jbridge Version 1.75. Its really working flawless. Both Cubase and Jbridge are launched with admin privileges. You can check out how to launch apps with admin privileges on the web or on the Jbridge website.

I also made sure, that I installed the original VSTs in none of the default VST folders scanned by Cubase. I then created a separate set of folders that I named “VSTplugin32_Jbridge” and created two sub-directories “Virtual Guitarist” and “Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition”. When I created my JBriged VSTs, I saved them in those folders. I then added that folder to the scanned folders in Cubase’s VST Manager (again making sure that the original VSTs are not scanned). I also made sure, that the Path.ini file was carried over from the original folder (“Virtual Guitarist”) to the new one, as Jbridge only migrates the main DLLs. The Path.ini file will warrant that Virtual Guitarist can find the sample folder. Make sure the path filename in the ini file is correctly pointing to the actual location of your sample library.

With Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition, I had some issues with the instrument not finding the presets and sample content (same problem as HPVE had). So I downloaded the updater tool from Steinberg’s website which fixed the problem. You can download it here: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/unsupported_products/virtual_guitarist_electric_edition.html (The tool basically just points the VST towards the file location of your samples on your harddrive. So when you run the installer / updater tool, it asks you where the samples are located). I then restarted Cubase and everything worked fine. Initially your VST instrument will say “nothing loaded” but when you click on the drop down, you will see all the options there.

You VSTs will be visible as “VG Electric Edition” for Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition and “Virtual Electric Guitar” and “Virtual Acoustic Guitar” for Virtual Guitarist.