JBridge problems in Cubase Pro 10

I am trying to run Native Instruments’ Pro 53 3 version 3.05 in Cubase Pro 10 . I have bridged the 32 bit .dll files using jBridge (latest version) but Cubase is listing it as an FX not a VSTi. It is the same with FM7. I also run FM8 with no issues but prefer the FM7 GUI.

I have followed the troubleshooting steps on jBridge website
i.e. 19 – “My VST instruments appear as VST fx in Cubase”
– Make sure you haven’t changed your plugins location after preparing the bridging files. If their location has changed, you’ll need to re-create the bridging files.
– update Cubases’s plugin cache.
if the problem persists, try renaming the created .32.dll/64.dll/.32.txt/64.txt files to .dll/.txt and update Cubase’s plugin cache again.

So far to no avail!

Any ideas what to do? I am able to bridge other 32 bit files without problems.

I so wish Native Instruments would make a 64 bit version of Pro 53!

Update: This is not a problem in Cubase Pro 9.5 or Reason 10. It is a Cubase Pro 10 issue.

A clean install of Cubase Pro 10 fixed the issue which is strange considering I only did a clean install of WIndows 10 Pro/Cubase Pro 10 over the new year! Whatever!

I also navigated to Users/User Name/App Data/Roaming/Steinberg and deleted the Cubase Pro 10 folder before doing the clean install of Cubase Pro 10 if it helps anyone.

I’m having issues with Jbridge and I kept my entire Steinberg folder before installing. Might be the reason so thanks.

Good luck. Also remove any affected (usually contain .64) bridged files before Cubase does the initial scan (after the clean install) and then add then back. It worked for me :slight_smile: