Jealous of the new Nuendo Randomizer plugin!

This plugin looks really cool:

Do you guys know if anything similar as a VST? I use a dynamic eq to make my drums have some more life in them, but this seems really cool!

I know, right? That looks really cool.

It’d be great on a snare sample.

You could achieve the same thing by applying a slow moving LFO to parameters in Halion or Kontakt, or even using LFO tool or Midishaper. But obviously that’s a bit more complicated and this looks very quick and easy to set up.

Melda plugins also come to mind, but again that would be a more tweaky solution. Actually you could achieve this in a lot of different ways.

Cool! I like it! Hopefully we’ll get this in Cubase soon!

Don’t know about that - looks like it is more for off line processing which seems to be more advanced in Nuendo.

Well, they claim Cubase is for music production… This looks like a useful tool for music production. Hopefully…

Have to say I’m very jealous of all the new stuff, but looks like Nuendo only getting some of Cubase’s more recent features…
Offline Render to name one.