Jean Michel Jarre style pitcbend#

Hello, it might be stupid question or something could not be possible but i need this since long time:

Imagine some VST’s, especially absynth, kontakt (as far as i know) will let you bend the sound more then half note. Like 2-3 octaves, in only some presets… I want to do this perfectly in piano roll view like we create volume envelope so that Cubase will connect those 2 dots i create.

This is when i try to do with my midi controller wheel. Already my best

And this one as you see i made with mouse click… what i want from Cubase is the connect 1 and 2 evenly, a large triangle so that my pitch go up as much as / as long as i want. Because i can’t make it by hand

Listen how bad it is

You want the line tool.

Not that I’ve used this feature for a while, but how about you convert the controller data to automation data and then I think it will join up the dots smoothly for you.


A couple of things to check here.
If you have snap turned on, it applies in the lower pane where you edit modulation, pitch bend, and other controllers. Either turn the snap off, or lower the snap setting to a very small value.
Also, there are tools on the toolbar you can select to draw a straight lines, sine, parabolas, etc.


Jaslan saves me second times. Thank you very much.