Jeanne's Favorite

This tune was recorded a few years ago, probably when I used Cubase Artist 7. I heard it today for the first time in a while and was really happy with how it came out back then.
It’s all real instruments except for the drum track, which was a serendipitously found shuffle courtesy of my Boss DR-880 drum machine that’s been in mothballs since I eventually got more comfortable working with Groove Agent. Besides the Boss, there’s a fretless bass guitar, acoustic and electric rhythm guitars, and an electric guitar lead with a weird “no attack” kind of effect I somehow managed to get. I think all of the effects on any of the guitars were Boss or soundblox stompboxes, although I may have had something going into a Line 6 Pod xt Live unit. There are no keys at all on this.
The song was written at least 20-25 years ago and was generally played acoustically until this recording. The bass melody at the beginning is inspired by the great Dave Pegg from Fairport Convention and a track he did with them called A Surfeit of Lampreys. A drummer buddy of mine was impressed that the DR-880 kind of got a Bernard Purdie shuffle going for me to support it all. Jeanne is my wife, and she always liked this tune, and that’s where the name comes from (you can glimpse her dancing along the beach in the photo on bandcamp that goes with the song).
Thanks for giving it a listen. Thought it was worth sharing here so we can remember how cubase can work nicely for us on a track with many fewer digital bells and whistles than I sometimes get seduced into using via Halion, Retrologue, and the other bags of tricks we have at our disposal.

Hi swetch, I enjoyed the vibe of this one; it made me want to come over and sit in! Agree with you that a live vibe is something you can’t get with all our tools today.

Thanks, Early. Come on over and sit in, for sure! That live vibe is nice.

Yes, really good vide. Swetch, I was wondering if you can make the guitars more creamy (don’t know how exactly, perhaps more reverb) ?