Jeff Hayat says "Hi to everyone!"

RiffWraith/Jeff is working at it and in contact with the registration gurus …
He’ll pop in here any day, I guess! :sunglasses:

Same with Phil, BTW!

So say Hi to Jeff and Phil! And may I propose a toast for them and all the rest of the absent friends that got stuck in the process! :smiley:


Hi! …

Ya slackers. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

… I got this image …

Camera: narrow shot of slow moving choo choo train Whooooo-OO-oooooh
with loadsa boxcars and carriages.

All got sliding doors And camera cuts to interior shot.
Bare wood and straw. Most of us are comfortably sitting in this straw, passing the time with beef jerky and booch. [Europeans … note, beef jerky is a food, not an activity :blush: ]

In the background a harmonica is playing.
"Oh ShenonDAW …
She’ll be coming round Stone Mountain …
"Cubase 6 white boxes
:confused: when she comes

and snatches of conversation:
‘Gonna catch me some bugs … li’l varmints got into my updates’
‘Pardner, yew better not arm that track ‘less yer fixin’ to record on it’

Further in the background is the sound of Pop!-Crackle-Halleluj-Crack!-Pop-Halleluja-Crack-Pop!
Is it latency :nerd: ?
… or Gunfight at Halleluja Corral? :bulb:

Even further still, and the camera switches to panoramic outside: people are running along the track after the train … hoardes of people. There are Indiana Joneses, freed slaves, ex-convicts chained together bickering about whether Poitier or Curtis is the best, and wounded action heros [who’ve signed model release forms] … they are running after the train … They are streamin on either side.
People are reaching out from the boxcars holding their hands out
‘C’mon! C’mon!’
‘Yah! take my Hand - Grab my Hand!’

The train is going at slightly faster than walking pace and is not accelerating.
The hands are all grabbed
But the doors won’t slide open enough to let them climb aboard.

The initial excitement dies down and the camera crew go home.
People are coming to realise that it’s going to be a Long Day.

Food and Messages of Goodwill are being passed along to those who are jogging alongside!
Jeff! Yaaaaaaaaaay that it … we got’tcha, pal ye’ll be aboard afore ye knows it! [well we sure as tarnation HOPES so!]

Phil! YaaaaaaaY that’s It! Only a few more hundred miles to go!
CumBayAhhhhh …
Row Row Row yer m …er … I mean yer boat!

Merrily Merrily :mrgreen:

I’ve seen Jeff around here and spoke with him. Phil, I see at other locations and he has registration issues that have pushed him over the edge. Between the un-answered e-mails and the persecution for posting his album debut a while ago, he says he’s done. :wink: :mrgreen:

At the recent NYLGT, Jeff explained to us that all the VSTi he uses for his orchestral pieces were causing
an overload (I forget the exact term he used) at his soundcard, and to solve this he now has 4 computers all hooked up via system link, and he explained the process of getting it all working - and that it is all working flawlessly for him.

But he can’t find his way into the lounge. :laughing:

I think maybe he fell in love and abandoned us. :question:

I have to agree, it’s funny Jeff is having technical difficulties considering his daw set up.

We’re waiting, so hurry it up Jeff.


It must be a brain / max capacity thing. :smiley: I’m still having trouble figuring out how my cell phone works, and can’t for the life of me program multiple zones on the stereo system. hehe…

yeah! Too true! I mainly use my phone as a … phone :open_mouth: :blush: :laughing:

I take a few snapshots every now and then but I can’t be bothered to use all of the rest. :unamused:

and I thought I was the only one on tech overload. :blush: :unamused:

Nope, me too :laughing:

I even had the cell phone company turn off all texting for me as it’s one thing to get them, but replying is just too much, my fingers aren’t small enough and I have to carry glasses to see what I’m doing.

So for over a yr I’ve had no text messages at all and it’s wonderful :laughing:

I don’t have a cell phone at all and don’t plan on getting one. And the amazing thing is, I get by just fine :sunglasses: .


Attaboy, Mauri! Don’t allow yourself to get swept up in the hype. :slight_smile:
Please do keep your internet access, though. We need you here! :sunglasses:

What is this ‘internet’ thing everyone is talking about… :question: :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really know but it seems to some kind of a net/trap thingy that snares a lot of peple…and leads to a massive black hole :slight_smile: .


It’s the worlds breast imaging retention device.