Jeremy Ellis plays MASCHINE STUDIO

Kinda interesting …
Jeremy Ellis plays MASCHINE STUDIO
Maybe not this particular song, but the new ideas.
Leave this with some water, sugar and yeast for some time and v3.0 of this genre could be more … human.
What exactly that is is up to the future to decide but somewhere humans are needed in music.
Although not groundbreaking and just using a half new ready made hardware thingie this is a still good attempt in … some direction. :sunglasses:

Pretty sure he has input quantizing on. Anyway, I’ve have Maschine since its debut and it my favorite device bar none. The keyboard mode he’s using is just another way of learning to do what keyboard players have done for year,just aided by corrective input. I never use it this way but as a drum maschine/controller hybrid with sampling ,its great

Way Kool!