Jerky screen motion in Dorico Pro 5 with new MacBook Air, OS Verntura 13.4

Everything seems to be working as I’d expect, but when I go to move to another page, the motion is delayed, jerky, and doesn’t seem to land where I thought I was going. Also, in Write Mode, sometimes the notes I enter fail to show up until I’ve entered subsequent notes. I was used to seeing them immediately…

It is entirely possible that I haven’t chosen the optimal mouse settings yet, since this computer is all of three days old.

Has anyone else noticed this? And does anyone have a clue as to what might be going on?

This doesn’t sound very normal. I’m not sure what might be causing it.

Check Activity Monitor, and see if CPU and Memory usage is exceeding limits (though I’d be surprised on an M-series Mac.)

Does anything odd happen in any other software? Did you migrate everything from an older computer – might there be something that is out of date, or incompatible with a new Mac?

Dear Benwiggy,

Thanks so much for your reply!

No, the CPU and Memory aren’t exceeding limits.

I do have Sibelius, Dorico 3.5, and Dorico 4.3.30 on this machine — and no, only ONE of them is running at a time. (I keep the older Doricos so that if a friend asks for help, I don’t accidentally do something to her file that she can’t duplicate). They’re all fine, no jerkiness, no delay in seeing a note, slur, or trill entered. It’s only Dorico 5 behaving like this. It doesn’t seem to change anything if I quit out of Mail, Messages, and Firefox, which are usually running.

Yes, I did migrate everything over from my old MacBook, which was running the previous OS…

And I did use a previous document to set the templates for the current one.

Honestly, I would either wait for someone from the Team to chime in, or wait for next update (I hoped it would already be there yesterday…) because there are strange hiccups with the mouse on 5.0.10

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Thanks, Marc! I feel much better that someone else has noticed!

Alice, how are you moving around the score? Are you swiping on the trackpad, or using an external mouse with a wheel, or using the Home/End key commands, or using the hand tool and dragging the page itself?

I’m swiping the trackpad to move the scroll bars — I’m shy of the hand tool from ancient Sibelius disasters.

For note entry, I’m using the QWERTY keyboard with occasional choices from the left-hand panel (accidentals, grace notes, tuplets). The notes failing to appear instantly is the most annoying problem; because I keep thinking I failed to contact the keys properly, and end up with extra notes. It doesn’t always happen, seems all right when I first start work, then gets worse as I go on entering notes.

None of the problems are happening in Dorico 3.5 or Dorico 4 — and yes, I’m very careful to have only one version of Dorico running at a time.

It sounds very odd. I don’t know why Dorico 5 would be running more slowly on your new MacBook Air than earlier versions. It might be that we should arrange a screen-sharing session next week to try and troubleshoot the problem in real time.

That would be very helpful, Daniel. Thanks for suggesting it!