Jittering Faders?!

OK, so this is new and infuriating. Everything has been working well and all of a sudden, every track that I select has this fader jittering behavior. Volume fluctuates up and down randomly by a few dB. This occurs with no plugins anywhere and regardless of the automation state. Anyone see this??

You wouldn’t happen to have a physical controller connected by any chance? If so, does it happen on maybe only the tracks that are being controlled? I’d definitely suspect something wonky going on with the controller in that case.

Other issue could be a controller sending spurious data through MIDI remote. Do you have anything like that set up?

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I’ve only seen this with bad motorized faders from mixing controllers. Not from software by itself…

This happened to my CC121 fader, and this is exactly why I don’t use physical motorized fader controllers anymore. No point wasting the money only to have the controller faders end up like that.

It doesn’t have to be motorised faders.

Even normal hardware faders (and knobs) can send out spurious data. (Usually due to age, wear and tear, dust, etc.)

For example my Nektar has had 3 new pitch bend wheels, as it kept randomly sending small pitch changes.

My old Korg Nano also sends data from random knobs and faders whenever you touch it. (Makes it very hard to program when using “learn” for example).

Sustain pedals, (usually cheap ones) also.

So bottom line, could be anything.

Check with MIDI Ox for spurious data.



Is there a more annoying thing than this?

And what can one do about it? Most of the times, I hesitate to buy cheap or mid-priced stuff with lots of potentiometers, exactly for this reason alone, as I am immediately struck with the future vision of the pots going crazy, rendering the device useless and wrecking my nerves.

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Thank you, All. You were correct at the start, Mattias. It was my Komplete 61, whose CC knobs I’d configured to control volume and pan on each selected track. Out of the blue, it went haywire.

I’m thankful it wasn’t my Console 1 Fader. Regarding hardware faders, I’ve had the S1, CC121, Faderport and now the Console 1 Fader and haven’t had this happen with motorized faders. Not that it CAN’T. I just haven’t. :).

Thanks again!


I have encountered this situation on avid artist mix. It’s OK when I turn off the power of mix. Later, I sent it to avid for repair, replaced the parts, and then updated the driver