Jittery Graphics in N5.5

Perhaps someone else has experienced and overcome this problem, and can help me. It seems that whenever a project becomes moderately complex in N5.5 (as well as N5 and C6) - and not that I would consider this complex, but I’m meaning a dozen 24-bit/44.1k audio files and a half dozen VST instruments or tracks (even frozen) with a typical amount of internal and/or external processing, the visual playback of a project becomes not-smooth. The project will scroll smoothly, etc., until the cursor becomes stationary, and after the conclusion of any fade I might have on the stereo (main) output track (even if there is silent content following). Otherwise, scrolling in the project window, track meters, control room meters, clock and metronome do not correlate with the audio playing back.

My OS is Windows 7 Pro 32-Bit with an i7 processor and 4Gb memory. My DAW software is on the C-Drive, and projects are saved on the E-Drive. After tracking, I change the converter buffer size to 2048. My graphics card is an nVidia GeForce 8400 GS with 512Mb memory. I did not have this issue with N5 on Windows XP Pro (no matter how complex a project was); it started when I began using C6 (for its features) on XP, and continued on Windows 7. When the C6 features were incorporated into N5.5, I went back to it, and on Windows 7, albeit with the same graphical challenges.

I’d like to think I’ve tried “everything” to eliminate the problem. Nevertheless, I am open to suggestion, and certainly looking for the solution.


I had the same problem with N5.5. Never experienced before. I solve it removing Waves L1 plugin (the only Waves plug I have). L1 wasn’t even inserted in the project. The presence only of the Waves shell in the plugin folder was enough to slow down N.5.5 exactly like you’ve described it. It might be any other old plugin. My Waves is version 6.
Hope this helps.