Jittery Hihat response from Simon Phillip's Studio drums

Hello all,

First of all, just want to say how awesome and true to Simon’s very distinct sounding drums this expansion is, a massive fan of his and his playing since I was a kid (I am not anymore)

But via a drum module/trigger interface, the hihat is quite unusable. I have attached a link to a video I have displaying this (excuse the rough AF playing,I am no soloist! It was just to check how it responds to everything I could throw at it)

For reference, I am using “note mode” from an edrumin trigger interface, sending 12 different midi notes to different stages of open/closed on the bow/edge articulations, plus foot and footsplash. Setting this up was quite time consuming.

As you’ll hear, it’s quite jittery. If not for that, I would absolutely scream from the rooftops about this plug in and expansion. Though midi mapping does take some time as there’s only one available for an ekit (Yamaha DTX900)

There is a CC controlled note (F#1) for bow zone only, but even this is a bit jittery

It feels like the grouping of all notes (so that only one plays at any one time) might be the issue here, as in the choking of one in favour of another is very abrupt.

I don’t think there’s a solution, but just hoped perhaps the developers could look into a fix maybe.

It appears the video cannot be played (at least not from my browser) but here’s the link if you cannot play it.

( Dropbox )

The video doesn’t play in place, but if you right-click and open in new tab/window it does. At least for me using Firefox in Windows.