"Jive Turkey" - Simple Funk Groove

Here’s one I’ve been working on the last couple days. I’ve been trying to get a little more of an “open” sound with some high end bite. Did I take it too far? Comments on the mix would be appreciated as always.


soundin fine here, diggin it. nice bottom on the bass, can’t make up my mind whether the kick should have a touch more oomph.

Yeah nice, I like it too. That’s some fine drumming there, good job!

Thanks for listening, guys. I’m glad you liked it.

I was thinking the kick could possibly come up a notch, too. I’ll have another listen with fresh ears.

Superior Drummer makes it too easy :laughing: !

Sounds pretty funky, you’re pretty good on the superior! It’s another groove in search of a song.

Thanks for checking it out. I promise the next thing I post will have vocals :smiley: .

Did you use rhythms from SD or did you program it yourself. If the latter, my point still stands :wink:

I let the good folks at Toontrack do the dirty work. The arrangement and processing is all I can take credit for. One of these days I should probably try to work on some real drum programming I guess. So much to learn, so little time.

Ah fair enough, still sounds great for those unaware :wink:

Crazy name, crazy groove!

Very enjoyable groove, sounds really good. You could put a vocal line or a guitar or a blues harp over this. Or a mix of all three.

And seriously, that’s a great name for a tune.

I also agree with what other people have said - the drums sound excellent.


Thanks so much for listening and for the feedback, Steve. I really appreciate it.


Nice! 1972 all over again

I’m wanting a bit more drums overall

Hey Doug! I had to do a little searching for this but it was worth it … :smiley:

I’ll have another listen. I think after posting a few things with “the drums are a bit loud” style comments I’ve intentionally been toning them down. Maybe I need to find a happy medium. Bob did say maybe a little more kick and I was also thinking along those lines.

Once again … killer 'fro, bro!

Big and bad enough to scare small children! :smiling_imp:

Yeah, seriously funky/groovy! I can hear a scatty kinda vocal thing happening on this :sunglasses:

Thanks for listening, Ian. I’ve had a few little vocal ideas going on for this. I’ll have to see where it goes.

BTW, I have been listening to the tunes you’ve been posting but haven’t had anything too brilliant to say. I don’t feel like I have enough knowledge to be criticizing the works of others very often - but I do enjoy your music!

Yeah, great groove! :sunglasses:

Definitely finish this! :slight_smile:

Very cool and funky!

Yes you must. It needs a great 70’s sax part! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Wim!

Thanks for listening, Dave! I think I’ll let this rest in it’s current state and come back to it later and see what I might be able to add for some more flavor. Some horns might be nice.

Very Funky, Drums need to be a bit tighter…I’m not crazy about fade in as I think it should hit hard from the go…great track though!

Thanks for checking it out, Kenny. I was kind of going back and forth on the fade in, too. A simple enough change to make since it’s just drums during that part. I appreciate your comments.