Joe Morello passes

Condolences to his family and friends. Joe was one of few drummers I greatly respected and enjoyed in my youth. R.I.P. Mr Morello.


Joe used Ludwig drums in a jazz setting and his sound was amazing.
Truly one of a kind.

Yes, great drummer…

RIP, Joe.

RIP and respect.

If that was him in the extended Take Five, then I’ve got strong memories of the way he turned his solo, not into a demo of technique, but into a ‘clinic’ in exploring five-time.

Why was my post deleted from this thread? Just a comment about the Take Five solo???

At first I didn’t realize who this was, then learned that I’d actually seen him play many years ago… as well as owning a couple of the Brubeck-Desmond records he played on. I never realized he was so influential and revered.