Jog By Bars

I am switching from Logic to Cubase and am wondering if the jog behavior in Logic is available in Cubase.

I am using an Euphonix MC Transport and in Logic the jog wheel on the controller moves the cursor in bar increments. In Cubase though it seems to move an arbitrary amount and does not jump to the bar edges.

Is there a mode I can switch to in Cubase that toggles between the standard jog behavior and one that moves the cursor by bars?



Cannot achieve that via the Jog wheel, but (sorry, I don’t actually know the MC Transport), but you should be able to assign two of its soft keys to “Step Bar” and “Step Back Bar” (or alternatively, “Nudge Cursor Right” and Nudge Cursor Left")… unless the jogwheel on the MC Transport itself can be set to send similar messages as the soft buttons, of course :wink: