Jog control


I have Cubase Pro 10.5 and just bought an Audient ID14 interface.
I thought I would have been possible to use the built-in scroll control (similar to AI control in some controller surface) to move along the timeline, as I remembered Cubase provided a Jog control, but I discovered this feature is not present in current Cubase versions.

It would be very useful to have this feature again and hope it will be implemented again.

Thank you

Does your ID14 send any midi data then you can use the generic remote to do transport functions. (But it is quite buggy so it will probably not being perfect) If it does not send midi-data you need to talk to the manufacturer of the card.

Thank you for your reply.
The ID14 is not able to send MIDI data, and Audient support already told me that controlling the transport in Cubase is not possible.

It would be different if Cubase should provide a rotative jog control (as it was in older versions)…do you think it will be possible to implement again this feature?

There are quite a few different transport function that can be called from hardware. I don’t think any of them was removed. However with cubase 8.5 there is a raise condition in transport make all of them more or less crap since then. But if can not send midi (or keyboard hid-events) it wont work without a lot of work. If you need a cheap transport shuttle express from contour is ok. It was more very good in cubase 8 until the raise bug was introduced.