Jog Move problem


I own AVID MC Transport + AVID MC Mix (former Euphonix Artist Series) and when I set up my MC Transport jog for JOG MOVE (it should move track events - audio enets I mean) it moves those events BUT it is still like snap is on even it is off in the Cubase 5.5.3 (it moves them by measures like to to and so on…) - is it bug or do I do something wrong here? :frowning:((

:open_mouth: OK, solved it myself although it is quite strange, anyway: you need to set GRID TYPE to USE QUANTIZE (even tho SNAP function is SET OFF!!!) and then set QUANTIZE to your liking, like for example THE SMALLEST ONE POSSIBLE as I did, which is 1/64 - this way JOG MOVE function do EXACTLY WHAT IT SHOULD (but I guess this behaviour should be set as DEFAULT when SNAP is set off!) - please, developers of Cubase 5.5.3, repair this bug ASAP…thanx in advance :wink:

It’s 2016 and this issue still has NOT been fixed in Cubase 8.5! When I put the jog in slip, fade in, or fade out modes it responds properly to the snap on/off setting. But when I put it in move, trim head or trim tail mode, it only moves by what the “use quantize” setting is set to. Regardless of whether the snap is on or off. This is major annoyance I’m sure for many Avid Transport users! Since there is no better jog for Cubase than this, it would be incredible if you could fix this. Please Steinberg!


hopeful customer