Jog/Shuttle in Windows 10

Can anyone help?

Following the posted instruction below from the manual, I never see a vertical line as a ‘play back point’. Click and dragging above the time ruler does nothing. What am I missing here?

Using the Jog Function
This can be viewed as dragging the audio past a playback point, much like dragging a reel-to-reel tape past the playback head.

Zoom in on the wave window or the montage window, so that you get a good visual feedback.
On the transport bar, activate Jog and Shuttle.
A vertical line is shown in the middle of the wave/montage window. This is the playback point.

Click in the area above the time ruler and drag to the left or right, to play back the audio.
Dragging to the left of the line plays the audio forwards, dragging to the right plays the audio backwards.

The function will be reactivated in wavelab 10.0.20.

And we can expect that to come out???

It seems like the Chinese Water Torture waiting for the next update. FWIW

Thanks for the thread; This missing Jog/Shuttle Function is also an issue in the MacOS Wavelab 10. I thought I’d misinterpreted the instructions or the controls had been changed from 9.5. Glad to know it’s not just me. Anxiously awaiting the patch.

Glad to read PG is already on the case…

Just run into this. Frustrating.

Thought it was me (again.!) doing - or not doing - something silly… :neutral_face: