Jog Wheel Functionality

I’m starting to do a lot of Podcast editing and realized that there is no longer any audio jog wheel functionality in Cubase anymore.

A jog wheel allows you to listen back in real-time but by turning the knob to the right the playback would speed up, turn it to the left the playback slows down. It’s used a lot in video editing and old-school audio production.

Has anyone figured out how to do this in Cubase?

There is still keycommands for this. However it is still not working as it did with cubase 8. The gui was changed in cubase 8.5 and it is still broken. This post include how to use it within the new midi remote and also shows the bugs that have been present since cubase 8.5. Bug: New midi remote transport speed transition is not working The nice graphical interface is gone, but the functions are still there and can be mapped to hardware controllers like Aspiro D400. Very useful for editing but it does not work properly.

Thanks. I did find the Jog right/left key commands but that’s not really what i"m hoping for.

Not what I wanted to read but still what I suspected …