John's YouTube Narration


Could you please compress John’s Voice Over track? Apart from his accent, and the speed at which he speaks, he mumbles quite a bit, and it’s often difficult to understand what he’s saying. In the mean time, the bits of humour that he injects are quite refreshing. :laughing:

Thank you for DORICO, and the work you’re doing!

Hello GTBannah, this is a live stream recorded - what do you mean with compressing the Voice Over track?

Thanx for the response!

In the recoding/audio world, when certain parts of a track are too soft, in relation to the rest of the track, a compressor will help make the soft parts louder, while keeping the louder parts at their original volume. In this way, the overall volume is closer to being constant.

Are there any audio engineers here, to help explain?


thank you for explaining. I was confusing compressing with transcribing…

I think it is not a hard deal to make his voice compressed by Cakewalk CA-2A in real time.
CA-2A is built for vocal compression and vocal loudness unification in all cases of audio broadcasting.

(I know other VST vendors are having similar products, and I am just recommending the one I tried.)

That was called, “Compressing to tape”, in the old days. :wink:

Cool! :smiley:

Really appreciate John’s videos. Still, agree with the OP that for us cross-the-ocean English speakers, the combination of his British accent and occasional low-volume speaking can make it nearly impossible at times to make out what he is saying. No offense at all intended.

It’s funny, but I have the same problem with British produced and acted TV shows or movies. Perhaps it’s a characteristic way of speaking they are so used to it’s not a problem with an audience that speaks the same way?

DaddyO, we Brits find many Americans to be obnoxiously loud :wink:

And many “Noo Yoik” accents are a lot faster than John’s!

Of course, Brits actually speak English. The USA speaks a different language with a similar name :wink:

I’ll never forget playing a 45 minute Phantom (spit!) for after-dinner entertainment at an aluminum conference in Phoenix, AZ. The VP’s wife engaged a few of us in small-talk after the show. On hearing that we’d flown in from London, England, specially, she complimented us on our fluent English. I nearly punched her…

interesting, I am from this side of the atlantic and have no problem whatsoever to understand John’s English “accent”. It sounds a bit as if he is from Birmingham or Manchester :slight_smile:

I have no problems understanding John either, but I agree the volume could be more consistent and that that would make listening easier.


That is NOT a joke. Thank you, Rob!!! :slight_smile:

Funny enough, I as a FINN have no problems whatsoever with John’s great speaking! Thank you, John! :slight_smile: And English is, obviously, NOT my language. Already at school, I studied five languages, and thus learned ENGLISH. Later I studied four more languages, and also learned AMERICAN. Both ENGLISH and AMERICAN are so easy. No compression needed. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Thanks again, Rob and John! :slight_smile:

Not your fault: the British complain about this very thing all the time!


No doubt. :sunglasses: