Joining a cubase-session from outside

My partner should play and send midi notes into my project.
How to handle that?
After having team viewer or any desk connected …
I am lost.
THANX for any clues



Explore the VST Connect or VST Join applications, please.

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Is it also a solution, if the counterpart is no Cubase user?
How to handle it then?

The one who play needs to download VST Performer and set up a Steinberg account. Both are free. He can work without account if you give him a password for the session. Look at the information in the Steinberg site. There are some videos too.

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VST Connect SE is included in Cubase Pro only.

The remote performers should download and install VST Connect Performer.

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ok. thnx.
I am on Pro 12 and found of course CONNECT SE…
So my counterpart has to install PERFORMER and then could play and record in my Cubase-session. Right?
Mostly it should be MIDI-stuff - depends on the latency…


The performer can load their own VST instruments in order to have direct feedback, so latency isn’t an issue. The MIDI data you receive will be synchronized to the project tempo anyway.

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