Joining beams of percussion instruments that are not in a kit

I have created a percussion score of 3 bata drums together using conga instruments for one player. This score is represented by up stems for left hand and down stems for the right hand. However, to ease certain passages I’m hoping to be able to combine these so that both hands are beamed together, up, as shown in the following example:

Is this possible with the current limitations of percussion notation in Dorico? I’ve attached an example score if that helps.

Thank you in advance.
sample-bata-3dr.dorico (785.4 KB)

No, you can’t cross notes between a kit using a five-line staff presentation type and other instruments or kits held by the same player.

Thanks. Is there any way to fake this or get it to work somehow? Should I change to a different instrument altogether for the notation?

There’s probably not really a satisfactory way to fake this, no. You could create an overall grid with five lines closely spaced and then a gap, but it won’t look quite right because you won’t have clefs in the expected places, and you’ll only have a single set of rests.

Feature request: allow this ^

It’s not a question of flicking a switch to “allow this.” It could mean reprogramming the percussion setup from scratch.

Yep, I know