Joining Scores

If one has two orchestral scores to join together (one piece to follow the other directly, in a single manuscript), and the instrumentation of the two orchestras is slightly different, then what is the best way to join the scores end-to-end?

Is there a special Dorico technique using flows/layouts, or is it best just to take one score, add the missing instruments, add the missing (empty) bars, and then paste in the parts from the other score, stave by stave?

In the manual, nothing on joining scores seems to come up.

You can import flows from one project into another. See Importing flows.

You can split one flow into two relatively easily, but there isn’t an automatic equivalent to join flows (because two flows in the same project could easily have completely different players and so there are variables as to how handle those circumstances).

If you want them in the same project but aren’t fussed about them becoming one, single flow, then flow import/export should be sufficient. If you want them to become one, single flow, then some manual copy/paste work to affix material at the end of the first flow will be necessary.

Thanks Pjotr; thanks Lillie.